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Krueger & Lenox Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

5 out of 5 stars based on 58 reviews.

Patient Review By Lori G

Excellent care. Had 4 extractions at one time. Very little pain next day. Dr. Peterson even called to check me. 6 stars if I could

- Lori G

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Patient Review By Gloria K C

Dr Lenox cane to the Bend Hospital on a Sunday morning (and afternoon!) to care for me after a fall while exploring a lava tube. He carefully stitched the inside and outside of my lip. He was kind, confident and skilled. 10 days have passed and I cannot believe how my lip has healed, looking very normal. I would not have expected such amazing results. Thank you Dr Lenox for giving up your Sunday and taking such care to repair my facial injury.

- Gloria K C

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Patient Review By Julie W

My son Mitchel (20 years of age) had all four wisdom teeth pulled by doctor Lenox during one office visit. Dr. Lenox built a rapport with my son immediately and I remember my son said, "He's cool" on our drive home after the first visit. There were no complications and Mitchel healed quickly. I appreciate that Dr. Lenox explained the home care instructions in detail and checked in on Mitchel while he recovered at home. Dr. Lenox's obvious expertise put Mitchel's mind at ease and he somehow took the tension out of the entire process for both Mitchel and me.

- Julie W

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Patient Review By Diana S

My son Grant went to Dr Krueger as he was born without a front incisor tooth. Dr. Krueger is beyond our highest expectations in expertise, kindness, did an amazing job removing his wisdom teeth, using some of that bone and creating bone surgically so then he could insert a metal stem for Grant to have a front tooth. Life changing! If you need an amazing Dr. that has attention to detail and knows how to help you fix your hard teeth issues Dr Krueger is it. We are so thankful we found him. I have ran into people in Bend that rave about his work, and now I am one of them! Thank you so much Dr. Krueger and your amazing staff. What a difference you make!

- Diana S

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Patient Review By John S.

My husband is 62 and needed his wisdom teeth pulled. We were aware, given his age, the procedure could be a little more involved. We were a bit nervous going to Dr. Welch because there weren't too many reviews on his performance. BUT, after meeting with him, his kind, calm demeanor and confidence put us at ease. He did say that, with age, the sinus bone does get larger and the roots to my husband's wisdom teeth were very close to this bone, so there was a likely chance the bone could break making healing longer. Not only did the extractions go quickly, but the bone stayed intact. Dr. Welch checked in on him that night as well. He has such a kind demeanor, great at what he does; we were so pleased with him in every aspect. HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR. WELCH. As a side note, over 10 yrs ago, I went to Dr. Krueger for some involved surgery. He too was great - demeanor and skill. It's nice to see that from the ladies in the office to the doctors, there's a common thread. Again, highly recommend.

- John S.

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Patient Review By Christine C C

Dr Welch was amazing with my 9 year old. She was nervous and explained everything to her so well. He went out of his way to call and check up on her the same evening out of surgery. He is brilliant and so personable. Highly recommend!

- Christine C C

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Patient Review By TAMMY M

Saw Dr. Welch as an emergancy after dentist could not finish pulling my molar having to leave in the roots as they were too deep into my nasal cavity. He was absoultely awesome, he thouroughly explained everything that was going on and answered all questions. He talks to you and not down like I have found some Dr's do. I will definately refer anyone who needs his type of service to him !!!! or this office


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Patient Review By Teasa J

I was in and out so quick. Doctor called and checked up on me the same day. Seriously amazing doctors.

- Teasa J

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Patient Review By Rod Y

The call from Dr. Lenox last evening, to check up on how I was feeling/doing, after my tooth extraction yesterday morning, made this the best doctors follow up ever. The personal call by Dr. Lenox was the best by far as it was not made by an staff employee.

- Rod Y

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Patient Review By Lori C

My 14-year-old son had his wisdom teeth removed by Dr Lenox and had an extremely easy recovery. The entire procedure took only an hour and later that day Dr Lenox himself called to check up on him. Although I expected some complaints of pain, but my son never had ANY pain. I was very pleased with how the entire process went and would recommend Dr Lenox to anyone needing their wisdom teeth removed.

- Lori C

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